After dinner and for tea time!
What about Sushi Sam's
"Toko" hand made dessert?

Dessert Special for Seasons
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Toko's Traditions

uses cage free eggs for all dessert

Picks fresh seasonal fruits from farmers market and also incorporates Japanese ingredients such as green tea or yuzu.

The special desserts changes once every four weeks.
( Besides "custard pudding", "almond tofu",
"green tea tiramisu" and "ice cream"
are always available)

Sushi Sam's prepares various cakes for your birthday or anniversary.
Please feel free to contact us.

Sample 1 Sample 2
Light sponge cake with reduced sweetness of whipped cream
and prenty of fresh strawberries.

<Choco Cake> 
Sample 1
Moistened chocolate sponge cake with quality chocolate cream and plenty of strawberries!
Made more for adults.

<Green Tea Tiramisu>
Sample 1
Sushi Sam's classical cake!
Green tea Jocondo with mascarpone cream and biscuit soaked in green tea syrup.
The bitterness matches very well with the cream.

Strawberry Mousse> 
Sample 1 Sample 2
We only use the juicy strawberries that are picked at the right time to make the mousse.
Moistened sponge cake with the coating of berry jelly.

<Fruit Tart (7"& 9"only)
Sample 1 Sample 2
The crispy tart is baked with almond cream,
and finished with custard cream and topped with plenty of seasonal fruits.

【Price List】

Size Serves Price
5"(round) 2-4 20
6" 4-6 25
7" 6-8 35
9" 9-12 50
10" 13-15 60
9"×13" 20-25 80

Message plate is available
Order require one week of advance notice
When eating at the restaurant, we will provide candles.

Custom order is available.

Please feel free to ask Toko toko@sushisams.com